Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Wounded Bookshop - 3/3/07

This show was great. Seriously.

My good friends Carlos, I'm Pregnant made their world debut and blew me away. It was their first show, yet they made far fewer mistakes than I did that night... and I've played a lot of shows. They are hugely influenced by the band Islands, going so far as to play a fantastic Unicorns cover. I was pretty jealous of their tasteful use of tambourine on several occasions. Oh, and if you recognize that bass, it's probably because I own it. If they ever get famous, I'll be happy to claim some small credit in their glorious rise to stardom through lending Jordan my instrument.

Anything Goes followed up with a classic rock set, rife with wah-wah pedals and tasty chops. As this was their second show ever, it was rather impressive as well. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures while they were playing; probably because I was scrambling to do whatever I could to aid my unhealthy voice before our set (gulping water, squeezing honey packets, squirting lime juice, etc.). Having a cold is not helpful in rock/roll. Still, I think my band, Tereu Tereu, followed up with a pretty solid set (aside from a few missteps on my part).

Statehood closed out the night with as much polyrhythmic action as an eccentric white boy could hope for. Joe and Eric (you may recognize them from the now disbanded dismemberment plan) comprise what is possibly the most fearsome backline of any indie band out there. Match that with Clark Sabine's angular guitar and intense, DC-style political vocals, and you've got a heck of a show. They're currently working their first official recording with fellow ex-d.plan member Jason Caddell, and I'm guessing it will be out sometime before 2008. We can only hope.

I considered posting more photos, but it wasn't really my best night, photography-wise. My excuse is that I was sick, but truthfully, I'm pretty hit-or-miss. In any case, my friend Ian took such amazing shots of the show that I'm going to strongly recommend you LOOK HERE.

p.s. The first photo up top is Adam preparing to rock. He is the bassist of Tereu Tereu, my housemate, and the one who set up the show. If you see him, ask him about Birdmonster.

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Sarah said...

omg. i am in a picture. i am totally famous.

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