Monday, February 26, 2007

Stupid Camera

So I went to see Deerhoof and forgot my camera. Bah!
Deerhoof was very good, of course, with that crazy drummer and whatnot. I'm sure you either love them or have never heard of them. Either way, there's not too much for me to say.

The band Flying opened, and they were much neater than their name suggested. They used lots of interesting noisemakers and the lead singer looked and sounded just like Jack from Will and Grace (weird?).

However, I only feel obligated to post because the band The Harlem Shakes was so damn good. Catchy as hell, they combined the rawk of The Strokes with epic-qualities of The Arcade Fire and threw in some neat-o 50's doowop harmonies. I was blown away by their energy and their rocktastic tightness; everything I could've wanted from a rock show--including several clap-alongs. You should really listen for yourself.

<--[artistic representation of the joy produced by The Harlem Shakes]

Currently, they only have one 6-song EP out for sale, but it's great and you should buy it. If you missed them with Deerhoof, be sure and catch them rocking with Tapes 'n Tapes in April. Maybe someone (cough, cough) will remember their camera next time.


Katy said...

Link trade is official!

Why is there a picture of you in a post about Deerhoof and forgetting your camera?

Ryan said...

the raised eyebrow is supposed to emphasize the sharp disapproval of my own failure to take pictures at the show.

i'm glad we're link-buddies now!

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