Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Souperbowl - 2.4.07 - The Wounded Bookshop

A Pre-Superbowl Food Bank Benefit

Junk Science

Made for and by people who enjoy a good time, Junk Science always makes me want to groove. Matt Bradshaw's stage presence is somewhere between that of Wayne Coyne and John Popper, but somehow he pulls it off. I'm always impressed at the level of musicianship he and everyone else bring to the group. If I were hosting some kind of massive, youthful [read: debaucherous] celebration, I would book Junk Science to get the party people on their feet. Listen.

Paul Michel

I've seen Paul Michel play with too many sundry backing musicians to name, but regardless of who is holding down the backline, Paul consistently brings an exquisite artfulness to his shows. He knows the right people to play with, and he knows how to craft both restraint and unabashed rock--each marked with a grace few indie-rockers posses. Listen.

The Reciever

One of the tightest two-pieces around, The Reciever syncs laser-precise drum and bass grooves with lush, synth-laden soundscapes. Casey Cooper writes surprisingly melodic lines on the low-end and always manages to amp up the overdrive at just the right times. This was not my first time watching these guys, and I hope it's not my last. Listen.

Rocky's Revival

Local heroes closed out the show with as much raucous energy as the crowd could've hoped to reciprocate. Named after one of my favorite Beatles' tunes, they posses a sense of class and history rarely seen in a band so young. Also, they re-enact scenes from the Matrix on stage. I only expect bigger and better things from these guys as time goes on. Listen.

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Art- said...

yes there are some quality musical things here, vice magazine's pub/venue called the old blue last is amazing, basically free cool music everyday, also this venue called 93 feet east is bitchin' cause people like panda bear from animal collective play there, there are lots of fun promoters here, and rough trade records is here which is also good, it's a tough town to break into but i think i finally got a show so we'll see how it goes, by the way, nice blog

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